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Endo and Morgan a Journey of Hope

April 21, 2016 / one comment, on Cool Horses, Cool Riders

Endo and Morgan a Journey of hope

Cool Riders and Cool Horses

This is a very inspiring story, full of love, friendship and determination.

Endo is completely blind. The bond and trust between him and his friend Morgan inspire millions of peoples

Endo and Morgan at the Haras Cup 2015, Intermediate Speed Phase

Extract of  the Article:  Endo the blind horse and his rider share journey of hope and healing

Morgan Wagner, 29, of Eugene, and her horse, Endo, aren’t just unique athletes, but each has a story of overcoming obstacles and learning to thrive in the face of adversity. Their inspirational tale has garnered attention and the respect of thousands of online admirers around the world.

Wagner and Endo’s deep bond and mutual trust have enabled them to continue pursuing their passion after Endo lost his eyesight to equine recurrent uveitis. Both horse and rider have developed the skills necessary to take care of each other and remain safe while riding and competing in horse shows around the country.

Wagner was just 13, with no equestrian background, when she picked out Endo as a foal from her grandmother’s farm. She trained him to ride and was devastated when ERU began destroying his eyes.

“Before he went blind, we jumped often and I always wanted to show him in jumping, but my lupus took away finances and energy,” she says. “I sold the jump course I built myself to pay for Endo’s vet bills.

“I entered him in a competition that required a low jump, so I spent a few weeks planning my methods and thinking about potential dangers. After jumping well at home, I took him to the show. There were no jumps in the warm-up area, so I had Endo jumping imaginary jumps on the lounge line. That got everyone’s attention.”

Wagner tries to answer most of the questions from Endo’s inquisitive fans, and she says she enjoys sharing their story.

“I guess my biggest message would be for people to think twice when their animals may experience difficulties,” she says. “If they (animals) can continue with a good quality of life, we should help them have that.”

Click here to read the entire article on the Registerguard.com

Reach Endo on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Endo-the-Blind-333985183464654/?fref=ts


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