Red Arabian Passion 2 Horse Painting Thelli

Red Arabian Passion 2 Horse Painting Thelli

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Red Arabian Passion 2 Horse Painting Thelli

Acrylic on Canvas, 50×40 cm, 2014 Thelli

Red arabian horse portrait. Symbol of elegance, loyalty and inner power.

Thelli’s Red Horses, a symbol of vitality and energy with a vaguely surrealist flavor, represent a journey of initiation that the horse undertakes in search of enlightenment, traveling through knowledge, passing between books, galloping on hanging bookcases, until it reaches the truth, so longed for and ultimately just within reach. Its journey brings us to today’s cities, ‘non-places’ from which one must escape in order to avoid entrapment in closed boxes that lead to self-alienation.
A metaphor for the esoteric journey of reawakening, the red horse becomes a messenger of freedom, the connection between the mundane and the otherworldly, spirituality that becomes matter in movement, the elegance and perfection of divine creation, and a manifestation of the sacred nature of passion.
Through the strength of contrast between red and grey and the immediacy of acrylic color, Thelli’s horses communicate their presence in the contemporary world, and the evolution of their relationship with human beings. No longer companions in war, nor a means of transport, but friends and athletes, therapists and spiritual teachers.
By detaching the horse from its rural background and context, the artist wishes to re-position it in the present, transforming it into a symbol of a new form of communication between human beings and the natural world, a source of wisdom and knowledge of the sacred geometry that permeates all creation.

About the Author:
Born in Bari, she moved to Milan at the age of seven. Since childhood she has displayed a natural talent for drawing and painting inherited from her father, a painter and poet. While growing up, she decided to dedicate herself to other activities and she obtained her degree in public relations, while continuing to paint in her free time. She worked for ten years in the world of communication, at an advertising agency in Milan (Del Monte & Partner Comunicazione). The year 2012 marked the start of a new direction, when Thelli (Helenia’s artistic pseudonym) began to paint on T-shirts with the goal of making wearable art and having it move around the world together with the people wearing it. This was the birth of AIM, Thelli’s Art In Movement. In the same year, she opened an on-line shop on, the American platform for handmade goods. In 2013, after a fall from a horse that kept her in bed for 3 months, Thelli decided to leave her job in communication and set out with her son and her partner to Gran Canaria, with the goal of dedicating herself completely to art and creativity. For Thelli, the creative act becomes a ritual of initiation, the experience of death in life in order to reawaken in movement, in the continuous flow of creation. Thelli’s Art In Movement also continues on canvas, where the horse, with which she begins a journey of spiritual growth, is painted red to represent the unstoppable instinct of movement, of life, and of self-knowledge. This is the start of a new adventure for Thelli and Art In Movement.

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