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Shy Boy The Horse That Came In From the Wild

May 10, 2016 / no comments, on Cool Horses, Horse book, Natural Horsemanship

Shy Boy: The Horse That Came In From the Wild

Book by Monty Roberts

This morning I saw a new follower on my Twitter account, and was very pleased because the follower is Mr Monty Roberts  “The man who listens to horses”.

Wow, amazing! So I looked on his website and found a lot of interesting books and courses.

The book  “Shy Boy: the horse that came in from the wild” caught my attention, then I decided to write this post and include Mr Roberts Books in my gift shop.

Monty Roberts is the cowboy who single-handedly revolutionised the way humans ‘break in’ wild horses. The best-selling The Man Who Listens to Horses told how Roberts was brought up on a ranch by a brutal father who used horrendous methods to tame both his horses and his children. As a young man, Roberts watched these horses in the wild and quite literally learned their language, how they communicated with each other and how he, by copying, could communicate with them and thus earn their trust to the point of saddling up and riding them. He tried to tell people but was universally ridiculed. Shy Boy takes us fifty years on to the plains of the high Nevada desert where, under the scrutiny of a BBC documentary team, he builds a relationship with a feral Mustang over the course of three days, demonstrating his amazing technique of ‘join-up’ by emulating the actions of the matriarch of the herd.

“To appreciate Shy Boy,” writes horse gentler Monty Roberts, “you must see him or his kind running free and easy, in a wide open space.” This compelling story, and the breathtaking photographs that accompany it, offer a chance to do just that.

Born and raised in the wild, Shy Boy first met Monty in 1997. A mustang horse rounded up by the Bureau of Land Management, Shy Boy was to be the focal point of a bold experiment: could Monty, the internationally-known “man who listens to horses,” achieve Join~Up® in the wild?

Roberts’s goal was to “start” Shy Boy (halter, bridle and saddle the horse and then get a rider on) without utilizing the usual round pen or any enclosed space. All Roberts would use was his ability to communicate in the horse’s own language.

After an odyssey that spanned three days and approximately one hundred miles, Shy Boy willingly chose to Join~Up® with Monty. In an unforgettable moment, the wild horse dropped his head and allowed Monty to gently touch his face. Later, Shy Boy accepted his first rider. The experience was documented in a BBC/PBS program Monty Roberts: The Real Horse Whisperer and shown on television throughout the world.

After Monty and Shy Boy’s successful Join~Up®, they both returned to Monty’s Flag Is Up Farms in Solvang, California. Shy Boy grew to love life on the farm.

Over the course of a year, Shy Boy soaked up the attention from delighted tourists and horse lovers who flocked to the farm to meet the legendary mustang, grew chubby eating nourishing grass and rolled around in the paddock.

Yet throughout Shy Boy’s year at the Farm, one question remained: would Shy Boy rather be free? It was a question that gnawed at Monty.

In 1998, Monty loaded Shy Boy back into a trailer with a heavy heart and drove back to the wild. The question that hung in everyone’s minds was: when allowed to choose, would Shy Boy return to his old herd or come back to Monty?

The result was captured on an emotional and stunningly beautiful video (Shy Boy: The Horse That Came in from the Wild), shot live as it happened. As the halter is removed, Shy Boy immediately canters off to join his former herd, who welcomes him warmly on the top of a hill. What happens the next day is a testament to the bond Monty had formed with Shy Boy and the power of Monty’s Join-Up® philosophy. It’s a story you will never forget.

Shy Boy resides at the farm once again, greeting fans and participating in various training classes at Monty’s Equestrian Academy. He also made his debut in the Tournament of Roses parade, televised to an estimated 10 million people, in 2002 and 2003.

An Unforgettable and Inspiring Story.

Click here to buy the book: Shy Boy: the horse that came in from the wild






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