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The horse: 30000 years of the horse in art

April 15, 2016 / no comments, on Horse in Art


The horse: 30000 years of the horse in art

Today I found this amazing book that I want to mention in the blog.

The horse evokes strong feelings of empathy in humans. This has been immortalised in works of art around the world, and this book showcases a collection of the most beautiful.

The Horse: 30,000 Years of the Horse in Art is a very special book, one of those that you can not merely described as interesting; the right word is extraordinary. The Author, Tamsin Pickeral, successfully highlighted the atavistic relationship between horse and man, combining amazing and unusual images with  authoritative writing on both art and horses. Pickeral, is a writer who specializes in both horses and art.

This illustrated history of the horse in art documents the creative journey from prehistoric cave painting to the war horses of Uccello, the thoroughbred portraits of Stubbs, the enigmatic prints of Elisabeth Frink and beyond. The book sheds particular light on man’s relationship with the horse.

The author describes her book with the first line of her introduction:

“The relationship between horse and man is one of the longest love affairs to traverse history, and it is an affair that has been catalogued by the hand of the artist.”

In fact man and equine have a long relationship that artists have been documenting it all this time. In the book we can see horses depicted in art for the first time in rock and cave drawings, “far from stumbling and tentative,” writes Pickeral, “the earliest known cave art is astonishing in its virtuosity.”

A uinque and extraordinary book to discover page after page.


Title: The horse: 30000 years of the horse in art

Author: Tamsin Pickeral


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